Why a humidification system?

Air conditioning - Material Conditioning - Process optimization - dust control - adiabatic cooling - Reduction of electrostatics

Paper, cardboard, wood, leather, tobacco, textiles, food and other semi-finished and finished products
are all to a certain extent hygroscopic. They are in an exchange relationship with the room air humidity and either absorb water vapor from their surroundings or give off water vapor. You can either take steam from their environment or give off water vapor. This happens until they are in equilibrium with their surroundings. The quality and processability of the products therefore depend crudially on the moisture content of the material.

Reduction of electrostatics for plastic products and electronics. Electrostatic charges create voltages! With equipotential bonding, these can lead to short-term currents and interference. This is a very large quality problem and causes failures and costs, for example for plastic products or electronic items.