Airtec® EasyLine System

Airtec® Easy Line
The Plug & Spray concept
The Airtec® Easy Line system for small to medium production facilities.
A simple, compact and effective high pressure humidity system, the humidification with an integrated pump and control function in one unit offers.
Airtec® Easy Line consists of proven quality components and is also easy to install as like the Hydro Line System.

  • Plug & Spray System
  • Control and pump on a wall bracket
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • PLC control up to 10 humidity zones
  • Power 4 to 200 l / h from 12 to 600 l / h, 24 to 800 l / h, from 48 to 1200 l / h
  • Frequency-controlled pump system
  • Variably adjustable on / off times
  • Hygenic rinse system
  • Flow control
  • Micro Screen Display
  • Energy-efficient humidification
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 HACCP
  • Options: Ethernet, ModBus, RS232, Scada Data Log System

High pressure humidification system Airtec® EasyLine