Comparsion AHU systems

Various types of duct humidification

  • air washer humidifer (rotary spray)
  • Steam (Electric) humidifer
  • Steam (gas fired) humidifer
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • High pressure air humidification

Air washers / rotary Spray Systems

Rotary spray (air washer) circulate the non-evaporated water to repeatedly.
To the detriment of hygiene: chemical additive, high blow-down rates, costly disinfection and very large and regular maintenance. The circulation pump of the rotary spray requires a relatively high electrical energy consumption for the permanent supply of the nozzles. The water used for regular fresh water to avoid premature infections is considerable.

Steam Humidifer (electric/gas)

Steam Humidifiers require a high energy consumption in the form of fossil fuels or electric energy. This energy and pollutant balance certified companies will be significantly impacted. The wear of heating electrodes or checking the gas lighting system are reflected in the operating costs as low as maintenance and cleaning of the boiler.
In addition, a humidifier is not always hygienically safe. When death of gram-negative bacterial endotoxins can be released by cell division. These are not destroyed by cooking and can cause inflammation.

Energy use and features one duct humidification

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