Solutions for security, productivity and well-being



Light - Air - Water are elements without humans can not live.

Whether at home or at the workplace, the elements accompany us throughout our lives.

They create a well-being and represent better performance, improved working and production conditions and a better environment for humans, animals and material.

We research with these elements new solutions for you.

Rotasystem focuse technologies in the field of environmental technology for commercial and industrial companies. Light - Air - Water occur in almost every company.

LED Products - LED lighting control - LED planning

Light - Energy Efficient and sustainable technology in the field of lighting through selected, safe and long lasting LED industrial lighting from Munich Germany in conjunction with LED light controllers or wireless lighting control systems. LED lighting design, LED lighting planning and LED information are our profession.

In Room Humdification Systems - Havac Humdification Systems - Duct humidification

Air - clean and conditioned air through various system solutions in form of humidification systems such as evaporative humidification, ultrasonic humidifiers, hygiene humidification, low pressure air humidification, high pressure air humidification or an HVAC air humidification / duct humidification for a pleasant climate and stable processes in production, administration and warehousing. Our various system solutions offering different effects: an adiabatic cooling effect, air conditioning, dust control, odor control, material conditioning and the reduction of electrostatics. These are the keys to successful and stable processes, independent of external or seasonal influences.

Water treatment - Softening units - HYGIENIC FILTERs - Reverse Osmosis systems

Water - is like food, so it should be treated as such. Water treatment systems such as water softening or hygiene filtrations in the ultra- or nano range as reverse osmosis secure the operators of HVAC systems stable and safe hygiene processes. Even for a stable process water for various technical production requirements can be catered for.