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Rotasystem has been a service provider for industrial and commercial companies since 1993 and as a planner, manufacturer and service provider of environmental and energy-efficient solutions, has focused on the topics


specialized. We offer special concepts for commercial and industrial companies.
Energy efficiency and economy are very important to us. We are constantly working to provide our products with a good price-performance ratio. Always taking into account all environmental aspects and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Karl Gasser | Chief Executive Office

Winter is here!

Energy savings of up to 30% possible!

Heating periode and room air conditioning

In most cases, the phase of the heating period is the trigger for infectious diseases.

Good room air conditioning helps to maintain the body's own defenses and prevent infections.

LED Products - LED lighting control - LED planning

LIGHT | Efficient products and sustainable technology through selected, safe and durable LED spotlights from Munich, LED industrial lighting, LED hall lighting, LED parking garage lighting and LED lighting from Munich in conjunction with LED lighting control or wireless light control, LED lighting design and as well as sound LED information are our profession.

InRoom Humidification | HAVAC Humidification | HVLS Fans |    Air Purifiers

AIR | clean and conditioned air through various system solutions in form of humidification systems. Safe humidification with a wide range of humidification solutions: steam humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, humidifiers, low pressure humidification, high pressure humidification or RLT humidification / duct air humidification.

HVLS fans for temperature control and ventilation of large halls and buildings. Moves large volumes of air through slow and well-controlled rotation. Cool in summer and circulate warm air in winter (by destratification).


HEPASilent air purifier for a safe and hygienic room climate. Full automatically and with 5-6 air changes per room.

Water Treatment - Water Softening Systems - Reverse Osmosis

WATER | is food. therefore, it should be treated as such. Water treatment systems like water softening systems or hygiene filtrations in the ultra or nano range such as reverse osmosis ensure the operators of air handling systems stable and hygienic processes. Also it can be take care of a stable process water for various production requirements.


Service Rotasystem:
VDI 6022 Category A - VDI 6022 Category B, Safety SCC

Systems Airtec:
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 HACCP
Airtec quality, Airtec environment, Airtec food hygiene, Legionella and bacteria


Neptronic steam humidifier:
OSHPD Certification for Medical Use, ETL Intertek Electrotechnical Safety