Airhum Low-Pressure Air  Humidification

The extremely inexpensive low-pressure humidification systems are individual solutions for room air conditioning in areas with small to medium humidification needs.

Low energy consumption and high flexibility allow for individual application options.


Airhum Systems

The Airhum LPE is a one-component air humidification system that supplies hygienically filtered city water to a low-pressure nozzle system via an energy-efficient low-pressure pump with approx. 8-10 bar. The humidification performance can be controlled via simple operation and regulation.

The Airhum LPZ compressed air humidification system allows a very flexible and easy installation for room conditioning. The compressed air line and water line are connected via a plug-in system. The Airhum LPZ is supplied with hygienically filtered city water and compressed air. The compressed air supports the aerosol transport and evaporation.