LED Lighting Control

DALI control - KNX control - radio lighting control - analog systems - Presence detectors - Motion - Daylight and twilight control

Wireless Lighting Control - Presence Detector - motion detector - daylight and twilight control

Various types of LED light controls are very easy with LED lights.
LED light can easily handle any number of switching sequences and is available immediately.

  • Presence control is suitable for rooms with occasional to permanent presence of personnel.
  • Motion detectors are suitable for rooms with short stay or transit.
  • Daylighting controls are used in areas with large windows and good natural light.
  • Twilight switches are generally used outdoors for facade, terrain, road and parking lot lighting.

The radio control offers maximum flexibility in the subsequent installation of lighting groups, as well as in the retrofit. The integration of wireless modules allows a breakup and a change in control of existing lighting groups.

LED wireless lighting control

Module Lighting: On / Off, dimming, start light value, client group, identify, software update via WiFi

   Module for light sensors: function light level setting, dimming, start
   Light value, group client software update via WiFi

   Module for PIR sensors: function, on / off, start light value / End light value Group        

   client, software update via WiFi

   Module for switch / button: on / off function, start light value / End light value,
   Group client, software update via WiFi

Device (software & USB dongle) Setting up the project over USB wireless dongle and software as a high-security network association and group management and administration of individual lights.

Means of switching modules (lighting control, presence detection, switch / button). Is the organization completed, the lights and sensors operate completely autonomously. Another use of the software is only necessary for changes to the system.