Air Purifier Certifications

Green air purification technology

The Rotasystem Blueair air purifiers are part of the green technology of building equipment. The systems are characterized by low noise development or noise emissions, low-energy operation, low maintenance costs and the recyclability of the filter elements.

Rotasystem air purifiers have been 100% independently tested for function and performance

The Rotasystem Froumann air purifiers were specially designed and developed for chain stores, gastronomy, schools and public facilities or fitness studios and, above all, medical areas. They comply with the legal requirements and are characterized by their almost noiseless operation.


The ECARF quality certificate is a seal of quality intended to help select suitable products and services for allergy sufferers. Since 2006, the non-profit European Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has been certifying products that meet detailed quality requirements for the needs of allergy sufferers.

According to the test carried out by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation Center (ECARF) for Froumann N80 and N90, our products are certified as “asthma and allergy friendly”.

Hacettepe University Biology Department has certified that the Froumann N80, N90 and N100 air purifiers have been proven to filter airborne microorganisms at rates between 98, 84 and 100%.

Further tests by the independent institution Microbiota reduce the Rotasystem Froumann N90 air purifiers the microbial load in the environment by 85-99% depending on the operating performance.

(All test reports can be requested at any time)

The Rotasystem MultiCross MultiClean air cleaners were specially designed and developed for open-plan offices, schools and public facilities or fitness studios. They comply with the legal requirements and are characterized by their almost noiseless operation.

With the Rotasystem air purifier MultiClean, the aerosol concentration in a classroom can be reduced by 90% in half an hour. This is confirmed by the atmospheric researchers at the Goethe University Frankfurt in a current clinical study on the SARS-CoV-2 virus from 2020.

The Stiftungsverband für die Deutschen Wirtschaft honors the manufacturer with its exclusive seal of quality “Innovative through research” for its research activities.

The Blueair systems have been tested for their effectiveness by the American Home Appliances Association (AHAM) with regard to the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) with the specified room sizes and the function of the systems has been confirmed in relation to the specified room sizes with 5 air changes.

All Blueair air purifiers have been energetically tested by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and certified with ENERGY STAR. All systems use less energy at the lowest speed level than a conventional light bulb.