UltraSonic Inroom Humidifier RBPD

The RBPD room humidifiers are made of corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel housing, plastic parts). Depending on the type, 2 - 10 ultrasonic transducers are installed. A dry run protection, thermal protection, overflow protection and protection against voltage peaks are part of the basic equipment. The systems work in the low voltage range (48VAC). The required transformers are part of the delivery program.
The ultrasonic humidifiers are prepared for direct connection of the control signal 0 .... 10VDC. A hygrostat can also be connected directly. The RBPD ultrasonic humidifiers are equipped with the AquaDrain hygiene management system. That is why it is particularly suitable for high-quality hygienic applications.
AquaDrain is a device that flushes the water supply line to the humidifier according to various parameters and empties the water tub of the RBPD humidifier cyclically. AquaDrain uses a software program and a solenoid valve combination for this purpose. Furthermore, AquaDrain prevents the compensation of the reduced water level due to evaporation in the passive operating cycle of the humidifier unit.

Technical Data Ultrasonic  Inroom RBPD















(HxWxD in mm)

RBPD02  1,0 48/50 110 7,0 176x423x290
RBPD04 2,0 48/50 180 9,0 176x532x290
RBPD06 3,0 48/50 240 11,0 176x622x290
RBPD08 4,0 48/50 300 13,0 176x712x290
RBPD10 5,0 48/50 360 15,0 176x802x290
RBPD16 8,0 48/50 650 21,0 176x1072x290

Additional equipment Ultrasonic Inroom Humidifier

Accessories include various wall brackets and leakage trays, as well as controls, transformers, sensors and water treatment systems.