AirHum Low-pressure air humidification

Airhum LPZ-Humidifier

The extremely inexpensive Rotasystem Airhum LPZ system impresses with its low energy consumption and its high flexibility and humidification performance. The compact compressed air humidification system enables very flexible and easy installation for room conditioning.
The control enables many setting options for homogeneous humidification.
A humidity control or a temperature control can be activated for each zone.
The humidity control is used to balance the room air humidity to the set setpoint.
The temperature control is used for adiabatic cooling of the room in summer.
In addition, the operating time of the respective control types can be preset via a weekly program. In addition, a clock for the humidification or temperature control can be activated for each zone and operating mode, this prevents over-humidification.
A time-configurable hygiene flushing mode for each zone prevents stagnation in the water pipes.


The system for up to 3 humidification zones essentially consists of:

  •      Control unit with PLC for temperature | Humidity control
  •      Zone control, weekly timer per zone, pulse mode per zone, hygienic flushing per zone
  •      Solenoid valve unit with pressure monitoring for air | water
  •      Airhum humidifier units each with 1-4 nozzles from 1 to 18 l/h. humidification performance
  •      up to 3 zones, each with 1-9 humidifier units, can be expanded
  •      Water pipes with Slip-Lock technology
  •      Air tube with Slip-Lock technology
  •      capacitive sensors (optionally ammonia-proof)

     Option: data logger
     Option: remote control via app for mobile devices
     Option: softening, hygiene ultrafilter with UV reactor and pre-filter units
     Option: Suction and dosing unit for additives


Technical Data LPZ:

Power supply 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 10 A
 Air Pressure connection  13 mm / 1-8 bar
Air pressure quality dry, dust- and oil free
Water quality Hygienic save (water rquirement)
Water connection 1/2-3/4" IG / to 10 mm hose
Water suppply pressure 2-6 bar constant
Drain connection 4-10 mm
Atomizing/Head min./max. 1,0 - 18 l/h

Applications AIRHUM LPZ

The system for up to 3 humidification zones essentially consists of:
The Airum LPZ system is ideal for use in animal husbandry (cow, pig and poultry farms) and in plant breeding (greenhouses and mushroom farms). Even small carpentry and textile companies appreciate the practical and inexpensive use.