Airhum LPE Low-pressure water humidification

Airhum LPE-Humidifier


The extremely inexpensive low-pressure nozzle system impresses with its low energy consumption and its high flexibility and humidification performance. The compact Airhum single-substance humidification system enables very flexible and easy installation for room air conditioning.
The water line is connected to the booster pump and the nozzle distributors via a slip-lock connector system. The nozzle seats allow single nozzles and manifolds with 3 nozzles and 4 nozzles to be accommodated in one position. 5 nozzle sizes are available. The Airhum LPE system is supplied with hygienically filtered city water.


The system for up to 1000 m² maximum 4000 m³ essentially consists of:

  •      Energy-efficient low-pressure pump
  •      Solenoid valve unit water
  •      Airhum low pressure nozzles with capacities 1.2 |3.0 | 5.3 | 8.7 | 10.5 l/h
  •      Water pipe with Slip-Lock technology
  •      Sensor unit with humidity control
  •      Optional: softening, hygienic ultrafilter with UV reactor and pre-filter units


Technical Data AIRHUM LPE:

Power supply 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 6 A
Power booster pump P2 max.  0,55 kW
Drink water connection 3/4" IG
Water inlet pressure 2-4 bar constant
Working pressure pump 6-10 bar
Water inlet pressure without pump 6-8 bar
Water quality Hygienic save (water rquirement)
Water connection 3/3" IG / to 10 mm hose
Drain connection DN40 | hose 10mm
Nozzle sizes available 1,1 | 3.0 | 5.3 | 8.7 | 10.5  l/h
Nozzle distributors available 3 nozzles (Triple) | 4 nozzles (Quattro)


The Airhum LPE system is ideal for use in the wood processing industry and in plant cultivation (greenhouses and mushroom cultivation). Joineries and textile companies appreciate the practical and inexpensive use.