HydroSens Cool

HydroSens Cool - adiabatic cooling system


The HydroSens Cool high pressure air humidification system is a multifunctional hygienic system for the adiabatic cooling of rooms or recooling systems. Many features enable the operator to use them individually.

Certification - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 - Airtec is accredited by DAT Norske Veritas.

All systems meet and comply with the VDI 6022, 42nd BimschV and VDI 2047 guidelines in terms of design and documentation, depending on the application.



  • 1-10 Solenoid valve control can be removed (application)
  • 1-5 zones temperature / humidity control expandable (application)
  • Frequency-controlled high pressure pumps in various sizes and volumes
  • Temperature control / start / stop control / pulse function
  • Hygiene flush cycle (adjustable) - hygiene checkpoints
  • Maintenance indicator / alarm memory
  • Safety (thermal pump monitoring / flow control / number of cycles / pressure monitoring ...)
  • Datalog (Micro-SD)
  • Scada remote control
  • Interfaces Ethernet TCP / IP / RS432 / Modbus
  • Nozzle systems with various distribution units
  • Cooling matrix to protect the cooling fins and improve cooling


HydroSens Cool System Structure