Evaporative Humidifier HomEvap

Evaporative humidifier are simple humidification solutions for small premises, warehouses, offices or showrooms, as well as humidors and church organs which work on the principle of cold evaporation.
The air is drawn in through an air filter in the pre-filtered and passed over connection or water-wetted honeycomb filter discs. By their specific pore structure, a particularly large surface area is produced, which promotes a rapid evaporation of the water in the air.

The air drawn by fan air flows through the honeycomb, absorbs moisture and is fed evenly without precipitating the room again.
Depending on the system, the voter room humidity is controlled by a hygrostat or humidity sensor.

Installation and Integration

Hum Control

Water Evaporation


The dry air flows through a water-absorbing glass fiber matrix and takes the water vapor from the moist surface. this reduces the temperature and rises the humidity. this process is very efficient and consumes the least energy of all humidifiers.

HomEvap units can be connected directly to any HRV system using the HEX principle tp provide direct humidification and indirect adiabatic cooling


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