Evaporative Humidifier

Evaporative humidifiers are air humidification solutions for small to large rooms, warehouses, offices or sales rooms, as well as laboratories, humidors and church organs that work on the principle of cold evaporation.

Air is sucked in or transported, pre-filtered and then passed through special water-humidified glass fiber evaporation units. Their special honeycomb structure creates a particularly large surface that promotes rapid evaporation of the water into the air with the lowest possible pressure loss.

The air supplied by a fan or an air supply flows through the honeycomb, absorbs moisture and is returned to the room evenly and without precipitation.
Depending on the system, the emitted room humidity is controlled fully automatically via a higher-level system or independently using a hygrostat switch or humidity sensor.

Components for the water supply, additional hygiene and safety for all systems round off the optimal use of these humidification solutions.