Air filter | Disinfection

Air cleaning systems are available as disinfection and filter technology in different versions. All systems have their specific properties. The systems are available as a fixed installation, as a stationary and mobile version and as retrofit integration for air conditioning systems.

The most used air purification technologies are:

  •      Air purifier with HEPA 14 filter
  •      Air purifier with HEPASilent filter

Air Sterilization:

  •      UVC air disinfection

Hepa 13 | Hepa 14 Filter

The HEPA 13 and HEPA 14 HEPA filter technology are filters for separating suspended matter from the air. They are among the depth filters and separate particles with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 1 µm.
Air cleaners with HEPA filters usually achieve a degree of separation according to DIN EN 1822-1:2009

  •      HEPA13 = >99.95%
  •      HEPA14 = >99.995%

In the case of air cleaning systems, it is essential to pay attention to the degree of efficiency between the filter system used, the installed fan output, the air volume and the noise emission.

HEPASilent® technology

Blueair's HEPASilent® technology filters at least 99.7% of all airborne particles down to a minimum size of 0.1 micrometers, kills germs and, thanks to the combination of electrostatic and mechanical filter technology, achieves particularly high performance and efficiency. This combination delivers a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) with whisper-quiet operation and high energy efficiency. In fact, a Rotasystem Blueair air purifier works so quietly that not only can you easily sleep next to it, but there are times when you need to look carefully to know if it is on at all. In addition, Rotasystem Blueair air purifiers use less power than a light bulb at the lowest operating level.

No other air purifier scores with so many parameters at the same time with these outstanding performances.

Our air purifiers not only take up harmful airborne viruses and bacteria, our proprietary HEPASilent® technology even kills pathogens. Internal tests showed that> 99% of all germs were killed by the air purifiers of the Blueair Classic family **, so that bacteria and viruses were no longer viable and could therefore no longer multiply.

UV-C Disinfection

The very high-energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction. The wavelength of 253.7 nm is absorbed by the cell nucleic acid and, depending on the radiation dose, kills or damages the bacteria and fungal spores. The UV-C light is therefore used for the targeted damage or inactivation of microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeasts and molds).
VDI 6022 applies to ventilation systems and regulates the use of UV-C radiation for safe air disinfection.

The active principle: The very high-energy, short-wave UV-C rays penetrate the cell membrane or virus envelope and disrupt the base pairing of the RNA or DNA there by causing the formation of pyrimidine dimers and uridine hydrates. The genetic information is destroyed, the bacteria, viruses (e.g. COVID-19, influenza) and spores can no longer multiply. The chain of infection has been broken. For SARS-CoV-2, an inactivation rate of up to 99.99% has been demonstrated on surfaces in the laboratory.