Better room climate due to moving air

Fans move the air and when used correctly, this leads to optimal climatic conditions. Warm accumulated air is displaced and a cooling breath is perceived by the movement of air.

In summer, large air masses are moved downwards during normal operation. (Cooling) By regulating the speed of rotation, warm pent-up air is gently led from the ceiling to the floor in winter. (Warm air) This enables energy savings and a pleasant atmosphere.

We offer the right, most economical and most efficient solutions for industrial and commercial use: Suitable fans for all situations:

  • PRO HVLS fan for industrial halls and large rooms, atria, cowsheds, outdoor areas
  • PRO Fan Type 1 for restaurants and offices
  • PRO Fan Type 2 for smaller commercial spaces
  • PRO Fan JUMBO for outdoor and events

Managing Heat Stress in Dairy Cow farming

High temperatures combined with high dew points can cause significant heat stress to cattle. Heat stress is magnified with high temperatures overnight. The combination of high day and night time temperatures prevents cattle from cooling. Three days of these conditions can result in elevated heat stress levels. The installation of fans can dramatically reduce the effects of heat stress.