Pro Fans HVLS

Description / function

What does HVLS mean?

HVLS stands for High Volume Low Speed

HVLS fans are used in large industrial and commercial buildings. The slow speed, which can be adjusted automatically by means of temperature sensors or individually adjusted via speed setting by means of frequency-controlled motors, generates a gentle air movement and generates a pleasant breeze.

HVLS fans are a low-cost, effective and effective solution for the air conditioning of large rooms and halls.

Use in summer and winter By destratification

Use of existing resources. The summer / winter operation allows an energetically favorable and extremely economic climatic regulation. In summer, large air masses are moved down during normal operation. By controlling the speed of rotation, warm pent-up air is gently guided from the ceiling to the ground in winter (destratification).

locations with HVLS Fans

Places where maximum air movement is required:

  •      commercial operations
  •      Livestock farms
  •      ...

Large buildings with high ceilings:

  •      warehouses
  •      hangars
  •      industrial plants
  •      Shopping centers
  •      sports halls
  •      ...

Intensive areas where people meet:

  •      Entertainment centers
  •      cafeterias
  •      libraries
  •      Museums
  •      arenas
  •      concert halls
  •      fairgrounds
  •      Showrooms
  •      ...