LED Health

In particular, high-power LEDs emit a very intense, directional light. So that people are not blinded them, the focus is on a good anti-glare with the diodes, similar to other direct-radiating light sources. That is the purpose about diffusers. They distribute the light of LEDs evenly around with frosted glass. This will reduce brightness and glare.
In nature, also very intense light of the sun poses another danger: the damage to the retina (retinal) Blue Light (Blue Light Hazard). This damage can be about when looking directly into the sun to enter. Before the energy-intensive light in the blue spectral protect suitable sunglasses. Children are particularly at risk because their lenses are still very clear and hardly filter out harmful light components.

Not hazardous by blue light
However, no danger of blue light damage is based on proper use of the LED. On the four-level risk scale of the IEC 62471 standard, the sun reaches level three (high risk). Most LEDs are arranged on the other hand on the steps of zero to one (low risk). Some LEDs reach level two. At this stage, however, offer the natural reflexes of the people (close eyelids look away) enough protection.