Mobile Evaporators

Evaporator B500 Professional

Evaporator B500
The mobile humidifier B500 Professional is a powerful humidifer for large spaces, which operates on the principle of evaporation and is also professional requirements. He convinces through its modern technology and efficiency as well as through its quiet operation, the large water tank of 50 liters and its high quality. Equipped with electronic control, radio humidistat and infrared remote control allows the B500 Professional automatic operation and is also protected against unauthorized operation. With its neutral design and the ability to choose from three different colors, offers the humidifier B500 Professional and optically perfect solution to regulate the humidification professionally and to adjust the interior climate to your specific needs.
Through its wide range of accessories such as the UV sterilization, direct water connection or the wash pump left to be desired.

Use for rooms up to 900 m³, humidors up to max. 50 m² at 70% RH without cooling

Technical Data B500 Professional

Dimensions WxHxD 755x620x365 mm
Weight 21 kg
Power supply 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Power consumption 95 W (without accessiores)
Evaporation capacity 2.6 l/h at 25 ° C and 20% RH
Air Power 900 m³/h
Noise emission 32-44 dB(A)
Evaporation area 3,5 m²
Water tank 50 l
 Color body optionally in white / gray / anthracite

Evaporator B300 Comercial

Evaporator B300

The B300 humidifier, which works according to the evaporation principle, offers an efficient and at the same time clean solution to increase the humidity even in large rooms. This is not only due to its high humidification performance and its quiet operation, but also the germ reduction via UV-C rays and the cleaning of the room air from dust particles. With its compact dimensions and low weight, the B 300 humidifier can be used both stationary and mobile and, thanks to built-in castors, is transportable. The appealing and modern design also allows integration into any room concept. So the humidity in living rooms as well as in offices or warehouses can be increased

Regulate 600 m³ automatically and in an environmentally friendly way with only low power consumption.

Use for rooms up to 600 m³

Technical Data B300 comercial

Dimensions WxHxD 740x705x410 mm
Weight 19 kg
Power supply 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Power consumption 58 W (without accessiores)
Evaporation capacity 1.4 l/h at 25 ° C and 20% RH
Air Power 600 m³/h
Noise emission 32-40 dB(A)
Evaporation area 3,5 m²
Water tank 25 l
 Color silvergrey

Evaporator B280

Evaporator B280
The B280 humidifier works on the principle of cold evaporation. The air is sucked in through a special dust filter on the back of the device and thus pre-cleaned. Then it is passed through the humidifying filter, where it is enriched with the necessary moisture due to the large evaporation surface. Finally, the humidified air returns to the room through the exhaust opening on the front. In addition, additional, variable exhaust openings can be opened on the top of the device, which ensure a more targeted distribution of the moist air.

The B280 has eight manual and one automatic fan speed. In automatic mode, the device automatically adjusts the speed - and thus also the humidification output - to the current requirement: the higher the difference between the actual and target humidity, the higher the fan output. If the actual value approaches the target value, the automatic system reduces the output accordingly. Alternatively, eight manual fan speeds can be set, giving the user the option of adjusting the performance and noise of the B280 to suit their own requirements.
The B280 humidifier is suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Use for rooms with 120m² / 500 m³, suitable for humidors up to max. 20 m³ at 70% RH without cooling

Technical Data B280

Dimensions WxHxD 645x660x295 mm
Weight 14 kg
Power supply 100-240 VAC / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 45 W (without accessiores)
Evaporation capacity 1.2 l/h at 25 ° C and 20% RH
Air Power 500 m³/h
Noise emission 32-44 dB(A)
Evaporation area 3,5 m²
Water tank 25 l
 Color signal white / anthracite grey