Water Treatment

Water in the cycle of nature

Water is like a food, so it should be treated as such.

Water treatment systems such as softening systems or hygiene filtrations in the ultra or nano range such as reverse osmosis systems ensure stable and hygienic processes for the operators of air conditioning systems. A stable process water for various production-related requirements is also provided.

Water treatment


Water treatment is a process consisting of various components. Pre-filter systems (microfilter / activated carbon filter) for pre-filtering the feed water. Softening systems, these work with the ion exchange process, a chemical process which removes the hardness components calcium and magnesium with easily soluble sodium (component of salt) from the water. This is necessary in order to prevent the downstream systems (e.g. membrane reverse osmosis) from becoming blocked by the hardness components.


Possible substances in water

Drinking water comes from various sources and composite systems, which may result in a strongly fluctuating water quality. The quality can change several times a day under certain circumstances.

In conclusion: water treatment provides security for stable production and processes.