Evaporator Cooler SKV Coolpad

Evaporative humidification is an effective solution for environments where neutral humidification and cooling is desired. Evaporative humidification provides controlled humidity and adiabatic cooling. Many areas can be equipped with these compact and easy-to-integrate solutions. The easiest way is the integration into ventilation systems or system cooling for rooms and machines.


Rotasystem Neptronic SKV Coolpad

  • Custom designed with Humidisoft to meet your specific duct/application dimensions
  • The energy transfer during evaporation of the water results in free cooling of up to 12 °C (21.5 °F).
  • Low energy consumption (<1 kW) for an environmentally friendly application
  • Available with 4 humidification efficiencies
  • Matrix elements with extremely low pressure drop
  • Silver ion unit for additional prevention of microbial growth
  • up to 5 step valves for flexible and accurate control
  • Electronic SKV control included
    • Microprocessor based field configurable controller
    • On/off or modulating control type
    • Master/slave configuration for up to 4 evaporative modules
    • Easy connection with just one 6-wire control cable
    • BACnet communication (optional)

The Rotasystem Neptronic SKV Coolpad solution works on the principle of evaporation humidification. As standard, the system includes a special antibacterial glass fiber matrix with low pressure loss, water treatment before the water supply ensures hygienically safe operation.

A control with interfaces to higher-level controls of the ventilation system (master/slave) or a separate control via HumControl humidity controller enables precise control.

SKV Coolpad Selection

SKV: Type Matrix-Efficiancy Controller Nr. Steps Droplet Separator Power
  R = Circulating air 65 = 65% Efficiancy C = Standard 1 = 1 Steps

D = incl. Droplet


A = 120 VAC
  D = Direct air 75 = 75% Efficiancy B = BACnet 2 = 2 Steps (-) = without B = 230 VAC
  O = OEM 85 = 85% Efficiancy   3 = 3 Steps    
    95 = 95% Efficiancy   4 = 4 Steps    
        5 = 5 Steps