HAVAC Ultrasonic humidifier NKBD 3.1

With the NKBD humidifier as a built-in air humidifier for ventilation ducts and air conditioning units, you can meet all performance requirements. Because it humidifies and refreshes the air in an energy-saving and hygienically safe way.

Atomization by ultrasound has gained considerably in importance in recent years new applications. In trade, service and industry, humidification is a crucial component for optimal air conditioning.


Electrical industry and IT rooms, clean room technology and loboratories, hospitals, printing shops,
shops, museums, leather and textile industries, administrations, supermarkets, etc .;

The advanced technology enables universal use and economical operation - only approx. 52W / hour. electrical power consumption for 1kg humidity. Ultrasonic humidifiers are also suitable for simultaneous humidification and cooling. The electrical energy savings compared to isothermal humidification systems (e.g. steam humidifiers) are then particularly large (up to 93% energy savings possible). Mineral deposits are prevented by operating with fully demineralized water.

The NKPD ultrasonic humidifiers are equipped with the AquaDrain hygiene management. That is why they are particularly suitable for high-quality hygienic applications. AquaDrain is a device that flushes the water supply line to the humidifier according to various parameters and empties the water tub of the NKPD humidifier cyclically.

Technical Data Ultrasonic NKBD















(HxWxD in mm)

NKBD06  3,6 48/50 185 6,0 237x286x261
NKBD12 7,2 48/50 375 7,7 237x436x261
NKBD18 11,8 48/50 555 9,5 237x586x261
NKBD24 14,4 48/50 735 11,7 237x736x261
NKBD30 18,0 48/50 915 13,7 237x886x261
NKBD36 21,6 48/50 1095 15,2 237x1036x261
NKBD42 25,2 48/50 1275 17,2 237x1186x261

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