LED Products

LED lighting in Munich from Rotasystem. For commercial and industrial companies, we offer a long-lasting, economical lighting solution that is tailored to the requirements and needs.

LED industrial spotlights / hall lighting / production lighting

LED industrial spotlights / floodlights
AK series - modular industrial and hall spotlights / floodlights
Expandable from 1 to 10 - 40 W LED modules each
Steel angle: 60 ° / 90 * 100 ° / 120 ° / 150 * 75 °
Use for: industrial halls, stadiums, sports halls, food sector


LED industrial spotlights OH series
LED industrial spotlights
Steel angle: 60 ° / 90 ° / 120 °
Use for: industrial halls and production rooms

Exterior / facade / parking lot / street lights


LED street lighting iM series - compact street, bike - footpath lights 20-50 W.
ST series - modular street lighting 40 - 280 W
Modular from 1 to 7 x 40 W modules each, beam angle: 75 * 150 °
Use for: Street lighting in cities and municipalities, industrial areas

Trunking Rail lights / park garage lights / Waterproof tubs / Retrofit-tubes



LED retrofit trunking light click system
for all common trunking systems
5 and 7-way wiring
Use for: business and industry


LED light trunking rail CS series up to 170 lm / W
Line lighting system with various light modules
Use for: business and industry


Waterproof tube housings for LED T8 tubes
1-tube / 2-tube
Use for: multi-storey car parks, underground garages, business and industry



LED T8 / T5 tube retrofit
certified LED tubes with up to 180 lm / W
Beam angle: 120 °
Use for: multi-storey car parks,  industry and business

Sales and commercial spaces / offices



LED panels / built-in grid ceiling lights
various sizes and shapes
Use for: offices and business



3-phase LED panels and lights
various performance levels
Use for: offices and business



Ceiling and pendant lights
various sizes and performance levels
Use for: offices, business and studios

LED Replace lights



Replace lamps on request.
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