Air Humidification Systems

Air humidification systems enable a constant indoor room climate, regardless of external weather conditions.

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Advantages of room air conditioning and hygienic humidification

Higher productivity, stable processes, healthy home and workplace conditions.


Benefits of air humidification:


  • Higher productivity
  • stable processes
  • constant room air conditioning
  • Hygienic humidification
  • Higher self-cleaning of the mucous membranes
  • Lower transmission of influenza viruses
  • Protection against voice disorders
  • Less eye irritation
  • Lower fine dust pollution through dust binding
  • Improved protective function of the skin
  • Less electrostatic charges
  • Pleasently fresh feel-good climate
  • Additional adiabatic cooling effect in summer

Physics - air humidification and adiabatic cooling effect

What is air humidity?

The air that surrounds us is a mixture of different gases. An essential component of the air is water vapor. The constant endeavor of the air to absorb water in vapor form until it is saturated is important for the relationship between air and water. That is why air always has some moisture, regardless of whether it is in the tropics or in the desert.


How to recognize dry air?

We feel if the room air is too dry. The humidity measuring device, the hygrometer, also speaks a clear language. It begins with a tickling sensation in the nose, soon afterwards the tongue and throat become dry, thirst becomes noticeable. Dry indoor air is just annoying at first. However, it can easily turn into a serious health hazard. Because people spendup to 90% of their lives in closed rooms and the indoor climate in the office, at home and in leisure time has a decisive influence on health, performance and well-being.


What is relative humidity?

The relationship between the actual amount of water vapor and the maximum absorption capacity is the relative humidity.

The ability of air to absorb water therefore increases with temperature.