High Pressure Humidifier

Hygiene certified and energy-efficient high-pressure humidification systems for industrial, commercial and office spaces. Optional use of nebulisers with ventilation support for low ceilings and safer spraying in space or nozzle systems without ventilation.

Airtec® certified by Det Norske Veritas Danmark A / S.
Also the ISO 22000 HACCP heard certification (International Food Policy)
for maximum hygiene safety.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Standard
  • ISO 14001 environmental standard
  • ISO 22000 HACCP hygiene standards

The design of the systems comply with the VDI guideline 6022.
The VDI 6022 is a policy of the Department of Technical Building from the Association of German Engineers. This directive is an acknowledged rule of technology. Basically guidelines of professional associations have the form of recommendations. In case of damage appraiser but base the assessment of liability often on whether such guidelines were adhered to. Guideline VDI 6022 describes the state of the art with respect to public health requirements for HVAC systems and equipment and the assessment of indoor air quality.