For a continuously high product quality and environmentally friendly production can be Airtec® regularly certified by Det Norske Veritas Danmark A / S.

Given the ISO 22000 HACCP belongs certification (International Food Policy) for maximum hygiene safety.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Standard
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Standard
  • ISO 22000 HACCP Hygiene Standard


The design of systems in accordance with the VDI guideline 6022nd

The VDI 6022 is a guideline of the Department of Technical Building Components Association of German Engineers. This Directive shall apply as recognized technical rule. Basically guidelines of professional associations have the character of recommendations. In case of damage appraiser but support in assessing the liability often on whether such guidelines have been complied with. Guideline VDI 6022 describes the prior art relating to public health requirements for air-conditioning systems and equipment and to the assessment of indoor air quality.


ISO 22000 | is the only cross-level, globally designed and certifiable standard for food safety management systems.



HACCP | is the abbreviation for "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points" and means the risk analysis and control of critical points - at all stages of the preparation, processing, manufacture, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, treatment and sale of food



Airtec hygienic confirmation report
Airtec Bericht Hygienekonformität (GB).p
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Airtec risk assesment
Airtec Risikobewertung Bakterien und Leg
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Rotasystem Certifications

The members of the management, the sales team and all service technicians of Rotasystem Service GmbH are regularly trained, checked and certified with regard to safety and hygiene requirements.

The plants of the partner companies correspond to the international guidelines and requirements.

Airtec regularly certifies companies and systems according to ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environment and ISO 22000 HACCP hygiene safety.

Quality and safety are the most important factors for us when it comes to products and services.

All of our employees also have an IPAF PAL training certificate for work platforms and articulated climbers.