AirHum Low-pressure air humidification



The extremely inexpensive low-pressure nozzle system impresses with its low energy consumption and its high flexibility and humidification performance. The compact AirHum compressed air humidification system enables a very flexible and easy installation for room conditioning.

The compressed air line and the water line are connected using a plug-in system. AirHum is supplied with hygiene-filtered city water and compressed air.


The system for up to 800 m² maximum 2500 m³ essentially consists of:

  • Pressure regulator and air filter fitting
  • Mini-osmosis system with UV reactor and filter unit
  • Solenoid valve unit in the housing
  • AirHum humidification units from 4.5 to 18 l / h.
  • Water hose with slip-lock technology
  • Air hose with slip-lock technology
  • Sensor unit with humidity control


Technical Data:

Power supply 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 10 A
 Air Pressure connection  13 mm / 6bar
Air pressure quality dry, dust- and oil free
Water quality Hygienic save (water rquirement)
Water connection 3/3" IG / to 10 mm hose
Water suppply pressure 2-3 bar constant
Drain connection 10 mm
Atomizing/Head min./max. 4,5 - 18 l/h