AirHum Low-pressure air humidification

AirHum is a Air-Water humidification
The extremely low-cost low-pressure nozzle system offers low energy consumption and high flexibility and humidification. AirHum is supplied with hygienefiltriertem city water and compressed air.
Design and concept provide an extremely energetic economic and hygienic operation, according to VDI 6022nd
Via a control unit and humidity sensor, the system is controlled and operated safely.
A nozzle unit can accommodate up to four nozzles. Different nozzle sizes are available. The design and design allows for easy and quick installation.

Technical Data:

Elektrical Supply: 230 VAC, 10 A

Air quality: dry, dust- and oil free

Air supply: min. 13 mm / 2-3 bar

Water supply: min 10 mm / < 2 bar

Drain: min 10 mm

Nozzle type



at 2 bar

air consumption (m³/min)

at 3 bar

air consumption (m³/min)

Effective range (m)

Particle size

range/head (m²)
 1 11 >0,15 >0,2 12-15 5-10 150-200
2 13 >0,15 >0,2 12-15 20-30 150-200
3 18 >0,15 >0,2 12-15 40-60 150-200